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Aussie Pop girl, Mia Milan has been singing, recording & writing all around the world for the last few years defining her unique pop style. What hits you about her music is her solid nod to retro, her ‘young girl out in the world’ lyrics, her quirky style and powerful pop sound. Mia Milan is well on her way to setting her own benchmark of cool on the global pop scene and wraps it all up with her pop star quality of the new generation. She has always cast her eye on the big picture. Subtle ain’t her thing and she’ll tell you that ‘fitting in’ is overrated, just look at her outfits and her moves. Her determination didn’t grow overnight, it’s been simmering since she was a young performer belting out songs from the 60’s that her Italian grandparents had in their old record collection.

Before jet setting off to Rome, Italy in 2012 she performed a sold out show at ‘Ellington Club’ in Perth showcasing her recently recorded tracks from her Crank Studio sessions. Mia appeared on Italy’s biggest T.V show ‘Amici’ the only Australian ever to participate in this show. Followed by a line up of music festivals and guest T.V appearances Mia was invited to showcase for 60’s Italian legend Caterina Caselli owner of Sugar Music and representation of Andrea Bocelli. Mia won Rome’s biggest music festival ‘Voice on’ and later that year filmed an episode of ‘Cool Cab’ T.V series based in Rome with Soveriegn pitctures. Her first debut single ‘Time Bomb’ co-written with Producer Boyd Wilson and sought after writers from Rome, Nicco Verrienti & Giulia Capone was released in Milan. In 2013 Mia opened for live open air concert at ‘Piazza del Popolo’ for Italy’s most respected songwriter Franco Califano to an audience of 20,000.

After her stint in the food capital of the world, Mia headed to the Pop capital of the world Stockholm and wrote with one of Stockholm’s hottest emerging producer and writer Victor Radström who had just had huge success with artist Miriam Bryant who featured on Zedds latest track. In late 2014 Mia starred in an episode of ‘House hunters international’ on HGTV filmed in Milan & Stockholm to an estimated audience of 20 million viewers worldwide. Showcasing her success in the music industry in Italy and early career in Sweden.

Mia’s now armed with a swag of great pop songs and a fun bouncy new single ‘I won’t Cry’, receiving national airplay & large amount of national & international blogs & video interviews; including RAI Italy T.V (Italy’s biggest T.V station) broadcast worldwide to an estimated audience of 70 million people including international Radio interviews on SBS, Rome radio station 101.5fm, Sync Fm Melbourne, 94.5fm Perth, The Kitchen and many more. It was also used for Award winning Australian Channel 9 National hit T.V. series “House Husbands”.

Having recently relocated to L.A Mia has had the privilege of working with some of the Country’s most revered Songwriters and Musicians including: Windy Wagner (Joe Walsh, Britney Spears, Glee), Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme, Rhianna), PJ Bianco (Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers) Alessandro Calemme (Tamar Braxton) Dan Navarro (Lowen & Navarro), Michael Jay (Kylie Minogue, Celine Dion, Eminem), Alan Roy Scott (Smokey Robinson, The Temptations and Stevie Wonder), Rinat Arinos (The Kardashians Theme Song, to name but a few.


“Australian pop has been lacking for a while, but now we have Mia Milan so all is okay. ‘I Won’t Cry’ is a fun track that is sure to brighten up your Thursday – that I can guarantee” –wickeddchild

“I Won’t Cry is contagious to say the least and turns out to be quite the ear worm. The carefree vibe of the track reminds somewhat of the also Australian pop singer Lenka’s earlier work. Both the chorus and the verses have memorable melody lines which make the track a delight to listen to from start to finish. That’s the way to introduce yourself to the world. This is a girl to keep an eye on in the near future, I reckon!”- A bit of pop music

“I Won’t Cry is quintessential Pop at it’s best, get your dancin shoes on and be ready to be singing the chorus solo hairbrush in hand….love it!”- Spreading the seed

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