I know I live in LA LA land… no but really, I LIVE IN LA LA LAND!!!! | 03.08.2017

I totally haven’t come to terms with the fact that I’m living in the United States of A.. I write this post from my sweet little studio apartment nestled in the middle of Silverlake- (which has won my heart in terms of ‘areas to live!’ by the way). The journey to get to L.A was a big one.. it took a year in total to get Visas approved and what not, so let’s just say- I really wanted this to happen! A lot of my time recently has been spent in the studio, recording, writing and collaborating – working super hard and adjusting to this brand new life miles away from home in Australia. I am now sponsored by ‘Manic Panic’ in New York who happen to be my most favourite hair colour company in the planet (NO I wasn’t forced to say that- the love is REAL) The excitement of being in a place like l.A filled with actors, singers, musicians etc etc is beyond inspiring and to be honest I’m just trying to soak it all up and make my mark on


Manic Panic Girl! | 02.26.2017

I am SOOOO very excited to announce that I’m now officially sponsored by my most favourite hair colour in the entire planet @manicpanicnyc in New York! The excitement is very real. Hot Pink vibes comin your way ?? #manicpanic #manicpanicgirl


Filming of Music Video for “I won’t cry” !! | 05.19.2015

Last week we locked ourselves in a white room (no, not a mental asylum the L1 Studios!) to film the music video for “I won’t cry” and it was so bloomin exciting to see our ideas come to life! The whole concept was designed by me + the talented one Boyd Wilson and then filmed by sir David Williams who just ‘got it’ from the beginning! Lisa Rathgen the queen of beauty..did Make-up and hair & it was such a pleasure working with her..what a pro, can’t wait to work with her again..this woman can do anything! Also my 2 gorgeaous lookin friends Anthony Pepe and Frank Fazio from Perth were incredible..Anthony and I went to singing & dancing school together since we were little and Frank and I use to hang out at high school parties! They were just so wonderful to work with.. Styled by Steve @ Rose Chong and various other accessories that I bought home from Milan and Stockholm made an appearance. I can’t wait for you all to see this clip ! and I can’t wait to do more! “I won’t cry” will be available on the 12th June, released by The A&R department!

Melbourne Town! | 03.29.2015

This post is WAY overdue! I’m sorry! A few years gatecrashing Italy living as an Italian and doing music has been a serious dream come true..plus spending time in Stockholm, Sweden writing and performing and pretending I was a 5th member of Abba. So..where to next? I now call ‘MELBOURNE’ home! This place had me at hello. I love it.. it feels really good to be here…Next month I’m releasing a single with Sydney label ‘The A&R department” and my first gig in Melbourne falls on 11th April which is my b-day! Good times ahead in this wonderful city! And as always, thanks for supporting me all the way, Mia xx

Rock out with your choc out? | 03.19.2015

I feel a bit ashamed…It’s ridiculous the amount of love I have for chocolate. I know people like me are branded as a ‘chocoholic’ but it’s so much more serious than that. I feel like my love for chocolate comes from somewhat a deeper place. It isn’t a fad, it’s real, it’s serious and our relationship started when I was a small child. I would never order a spearmint milkshake or a strawberry cupcake, it was all about the chocolate, and it still is. Generally I feel like there’s the ‘chocolate people’ and then there is the ‘other type of people’ for example the people who suck their chocolate (wait on, that sounds a bit wrong- sorry lol) or the ‘other type of people’. I’m sure this reflects our personalities in some way or another.

There’s also a real snobbery when it comes to chocolate that I find hard to digest (see what I did there?) a lot of people will only eat certain brands and love educating you on their superiority. The truth is, real chocolate lovers will eat ANY types of chocolate regardless of whether it’s superior or low grade. The true chocolate lover will never decline a chocolate bar.

There are also numerous chocolate studies that one day I will get to the bottom of. Such as, are you a crunchie or violent crumble fan? do you keep your chocolate in the fridge or pantry- regardless of what Nigella Lawson says, are you a save some for later type or is that bar done and dusted within a few minutes?

Whatever the case, chocolate amongst many other things in life is just plain happiness and i will forever love it..i’m no longer ashamed…so, rock out with your choc out?

Mia xx

The fringe. | 03.11.2015



Bangs, fringe, call them what you like…for some it’s a way of life. I mean, it’s basically resting on your ‘face’ it’s the first thing most people will see and as they say, a happy fringe is a happy girl. Warning to all readers: I am totally aware that this is a major first world problem yet after so many years of accumulating this maybe somewhat unnecessary amount of information about fringe trims I feel I ought to put it out there into the world and see if there’s anyone who has experienced this amount of pain.

My friends predict I most likely came out of the womb rockin a fringe. Now at 25 I’m still happily disguised by my fringe even though the blessed thing has been through a multitude of disastrous cuts, trims, hacks and worse.We all have our own style of fringe- my dream fringe is a bold, thick, straight fringe. Is that too hard to ask? Ha…well,

I was 12 years old and I had been living with a whispery fringe for far too long, heading into the world of puberty I thought it was time to see a cool hairdresser and to get my dream 60’s fringe sorted, sorry mum. His name was- Andrew, I practically fell in love with the man after he created a ‘masterpiece’ fringe.. he knew it too. No one really lived up to Andrew’s standards.

A few months later when Andrew tragically left the salon a young fresh bint apprentice expressed her shear distress for how thickly my fringe had been cut and at how far back it started..I of course, didn’t want to begin to explain why..I nodded awkwardly. She offered to ‘thin it out’ as to which I just said ‘maybe next time’..I never went back.

Lets move on to the oh so vital fringe trim that let’s be honest we need at least once every 3 weeks if you’ve eaten a lot of processed chicken like me. Those initial signs of early detection that it’s time to book that appointment.. the dreaded mystery of our fringes fate. “How do you like it?” the sacred question, the most important, CRUCIAL moment to be clear, concise, strong yet not too much of a fringe nazi… she nods ‘too easy’ oh but is it? They start, you’re trying not to look into the mirror as it happens but can’t help but think you might be able to rescue it if you look at it hard enough? sorry fringe, I really don’t mean to put you through this but alas, you already know the bar has been set too high, was it below my eyebrow line or on top? She gets scissor happy and the fringe is slowly creeping it’s way up to my hairline. My forehead can feel unwanted cool breeze. It feels like weeks have passed. The thinning commences and at this stage I feel ill. She finally turns you to the mirror to face the horror, yep, it’s as bad as I thought. Oh no it gets worse.. time to blowdry the fringe. Please don’t bring out the round brush, please don’t bring out the round brush..hello round brush. She starts blowdrying like a mad woman, high and round bringing the fringe now even higher. It’s sprayed to set, my dreams have crashed and I’m charged $10

The question is, as a hairdresser, is a fringe trim not the first thing you learn? Is it not like a butcher learning how to make sausages? Why does every experience entail such a variety of emotions? Is this really what fringe lovers signed up for? Andrew, I miss you xxx

MY FIRST SNOW! | 11.07.2014


Yesterday it BLOODY SNOWED! All day the beautiful white fluffy stuff came down and brightened my world. Coming from West Aus-land this is a real novelty (it’s a novelty – I get told – wears off!), but yesterday I was in *heaven*! I also made a raspberry slushy from the snow on my window sill – cool huh?
I’m getting ready to film for a U.S TV series ‘House Hunters International’, which is happening in a few weeks along with some fun gigs in the city of Stockholm. I can’t wait to get back on stage! I’ll be posting a lot of pics & videos for your entertainment 😉

Last week I had the joy of visiting the ‘ABBA Museum’ which lived up to all expectation, and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Stockholm… What other museums let you record your own version of ‘mamma Mia?! It also has a 3D Film Clip with ABBA members… I was like a kid in a lolly shop!

Dream big!

Mamma Mia

I’m going to be on TV! | 10.23.2014

Hey, howdy, hi !!!

This blog comes to you direct from my lil’ apartment in Stockholm!

Sooo.. I can’t believe I’ll be seeing snow soon! It’s going to be my first experience with the white fluffy stuff… most locals say it’s hell but because I’m new to it I think I’m gonna love it!

Besides dealing with red tape and various other beauracratic nonsense I’ve got some exciting news! I’m filming an episode for a US T.V series next month ‘House Hunters International’. YAY! It’s documenting my move to Stockholm! I’m so excited to be a part of this show. People all over the world watch it on foxtel/cable. It’s going to be pretty fun filming – I’m looking forward to it. For behind the scenes info and images, check back to the site regularly. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

On another note, Stockholm is filled with these little grill houses that sell ‘the’ best hot dogs, not quite as good as ‘bunnings sausage sizzle’ but beggars can’t be choosers! There are many gorgeous quaint coffee shops that you can spend hours in whilst ‘people watching’…which I think is gonna be lovely in winter!

I’m also doing a special guest performance at 100LIVE at the södra teatern etablissemanget late November! It’s located in this cool area called ‘Södermalm’, or ‘Söder’ as the locals call it. Can’t wait!

But now, I’m off to purchase a beanie…


Dream Big!

Mia xxx

Welcome! | 10.15.2014

Some of you may remember that time I sold everything, packed up and moved to another country? Well.. it’s happened AGAIN !!

‘Hej hej’ from Stockholm, Sweden – my new home. This place is cool. Literally. Come December some say it’s going to be f&%$&# freezing, which in weather report language translates to -20. I can’t wait!

Regardless of outside temperatures, this place has been wonderful since I first googled it back in Milan. I might still be in the honeymoon phase of living in a new place, but it’s hard to imagine Stockholm as anything but wonderful (except for the bureaucracy which seems to be following me around the world, hmm- more on that later). The music scene here is AMAZING and in such a short time some great things are coming up which I’ll keep you posted about!

Either way, I’m just getting started. I aim to fill you in about the daily goings on of Stockholm, songwriting, and life as an Aussie in Sweden – in other words, generally all things Mia Milan! Now I am off to explore this amazing city, write some killer pop songs and learn me some Swedish!

Dream Big!

Mia xxx